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Tools for your remote staff working from home

In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic we are putting together a free, no-frills software package to help employers maintain their health and safety responsibilities whilst staff are working from home.

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The WFH Essentials package is free to any company registered in the UK regardless of company size or industry sector. All we ask is that you keep us in mind for any future developments when life gets back to normal! Stay safe everyone, from us all at BNS.

We can help you continue your duty of care for staff working from home

Our Work From Home Essentials package has been built using guidance provided by HSE, NHS, UKGov and CIPD so you can feel confident that the content is in line with guidance from top UK authorities. 

What's included?

Self-assessments for staff, covering the key health & safety concerns associated with working from home

Safety KPI dashboard to quickly identify risks, corrective actions or incidents that require immediate attention.

A mobile and web app for staff to complete assessments and capture photos of their workspace.

Email alerts automatically sent to your staff prompting them when they need to upload data 

A web-based back office for management to review and analyse data and generate reports 

Full technical support via an online support ticketing system, live chat or by phone.

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Built for business

Built using our propriety Mobile Scorecard™ platform, the WFH Essentials package benefits from the same premium technology features that our corporate clients are used to, including:

  • Built using Microsoft technology by our qualified team of Microsoft Certified System Engineers

  • Sleek simple user interfaces

  • Hosted in a secure UKFast server

  • Secured SQL databas and encrypted communications

  • Flexibility to adapt and customise to your own business needs.

Getting started is easy:

  • Does the mobile app work off line (often my auditors are working indoors without reliable data service)?
    Absolutely! We have a native Android client that works off line, and then synchronises with the server either on demand, when in a Wi-Fi area, or whenever possible (using the mobile data service of your mobile phone network). If your app requires access to a database we can pre-download this to use whilst offline.
  • Can I track what my field workers are currently doing and where they are?
    Yes. We can plot all the locations a worker has visited, and show you the route they took.
  • Can I edit a document after it has been completed?
    Yes, if necessary. The default behaviour is to “freeze” a document once completed – however this can always be reversed.
  • Am I able to control Mobile Scorecard by voice?
    It is indeed possible to use Android voice input to enter notes.
  • Is there assistance to navigate to a job site?
    Yes, a simple button click will launch Google navigate to guide you to the address stored in a job document.
  • Can I take credit-card payments on Mobile Scorecard?
    Not by default, however using an external web site or API we will happily implement this if you need it.
  • Are mobile communications reliable?
    Communications run in the background, and have error checking. So in the event of a communications failure or message corruption communications will retry.
  • Are mobile communications secure?
    Yes. When linked to a server with an SSL encryption certificate (such as * then all communications with the server are encrypted and secure.
  • What is involved with integrating my legacy/ERP/CRM system with Mobile Scorecard?
    We will need to tap into your legacy database. Either provide direct access, or else we can swap XML/CSV messages using an FTP server, or else we can implement a web service to create a link.
  • Can I change a job after it has been downloaded to the app?
    Currently – No. However this feature is currently under development, and will be available soon.
  • Can I control whether uploads occur only when Wi-Fi is available?
    Yes. We enabled this feature to save unnecessary mobile data usage.
  • Does Mobile Scorecard support multiple countries and time-zones simultaneously?
    Yes. All document answers are stored in the language and time zone of the remote user, however for reporting purposes this information can be delivered in a single language (e.g. English) and time zone (e.g. GMT).
  • How easy is it to add a new language to Mobile Scorecard?
    Using Google translate services we can automatically convert documents to any language. However, we then recommend you check and correct the languages so that it is technically correct for your business environment.
  • Does Mobile Scorecard work on iOS?
    We don’t yet have a native iOS app, however this is under development. There is however an HTML version of the document editor that can run in any environment with a web connection.
  • Can templates contain computations?
    Absolutely, just tell us what you want to calculate, what your ranges and exceptions are and how you want to score them.
  • Can we host Mobile Scorecard from our own servers?
    For smaller companies it is most convenient to host your solution on our servers. However for data privacy reasons most larger companies prefer to host the solution from their corporate Windows/SQL servers.
  • Can the program be branded with my company logos and colour schemes?
    Yes. Please contact us to discuss.
  • Can I request new features to be developed?
    Yes of course. However, we give priority to fee-paying customers.
  • Can I generate reports using our internal reporting standard?
    Yes. We can export report data either as XML or CSV data files , directly from a SQL server database. You are then free to create reports however convenient to you.
  • Can I run reports across our company firewall?
    Our Excel reports can operate via portal 80 (i.e. the same as a web browser). So no other firewall changes are necessary.
  • Can I design my own templates?
    Yes we have a report designer that you can access from your admin portal. Most companies prefer to let us create their templates.
  • How do you help me if things go wrong?
    Simply send us an email (, and your request will be logged in our system, and assigned to your designated account manager for response and resolution.
  • Are field-workers able to communicate directly with your support team?
    Yes. There is a chat function built into the app, so that remote workers can chat directly with the portal administrators.
  • Do you supply a complete package including hardware, data service, software development and support?"
    Clients normally will source their own mobile devices and mobile phone SIM – as any modern Android mobile or tablet will work with Mobile Scorecard. However, regarding the web server, we can either host your application on our shared server, or we can organise a dedicated server for your business solutions, and also, we can install the software onto your corporate server.
  • Can you create a system for me to be live next week?
    Yes. However, with that limited time you will get an “off-the-shelf” solution and no customisation. This is great for prototyping and acceptance testing your solution. We can either configure any changes you need, or given time, develop specific customisations you may need.
  • How do we get going?
    Please email us: or call +44 01908 236807.
  • Can I purchase an unlimited license to use Mobile Scorecard across my business?
    Yes. However, we must discuss the scope of the license.
  • I only have a single user. Can I afford Mobile Scorecard?
    Yes. We can arrange access to your necessary templates and reports from our shared server.
  • Can I purchase Mobile Scorecard source code for use by our internal developers?
    Yes. We will consider such requests.
  • Can I have a free demo?
    Yes. Please email us:, call +44 01908 236807 or alternatively for a basic demo of the web app you can upload your own document to be converted via the menu Mobile Scorecard > Free Template Conversion
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