Who are we?

Founded in 2004, Business Net Solutions consolidated the knowledge and expertise of many years worth of software development and a means to create web applications for businesses using the full Microsoft technology stack.


Recognising the power of technology and thanks to the numerous internally developed and open source tools available in the market, we are proud to say that we are now a fully remote team. Our environmental impact is next to zero, and aside from our personal notepads (for the older ones among us) our business is entirely paperless and something we strive to help our clients to do too.


Within our team we have specialist Microsoft C#.NET developers, testers, and Windows systems administrators that have each completed various qualifications over the years. We believe that our wealth of combined knowledge and ability to adapt quickly to the ever changing software environment puts us in a strong position to support companies who share our values.

Our areas of expertise

Our values:

Staff wellbeing

Our staff is our biggest asset, the majority of whom have been a part of the team since the very beginning. As a family-run business, we strongly believe that a healthy work/ life balance correlates directly with better quality of work, and for that reason the "family first" attitude has always been at the forefront of our company ethos. As a result we have successfully created an environment in which our staff genuinely care about client projects and the focus is more about results and less about how many hours are worked.

Trusting relationships with our clients

We are grateful to say that given the type of work we do all of our current client relationships have been long term, whether that is through continued evolution of their systems or through future referrals when members of staff move on to new companies. 

This has only become possible as a result of building rapport and really getting to know and understand each stakeholder in the relationship. We value trust in each other in order to build great software, and to do this we believe in honesty and a no-blame culture.

Continuous learning

In an industry where new development languages and technology trends are created all the time, we emphasise the importance of continuous learning in everything we do. We pay particular attention to best practice as the latest trend isn't necessarily the best way to do things. 

"The bigger picture"

More often than not, software development for both internal and client projects are more challenging than first perceived because the requirements of the project may not necessarily take into account "the bigger picture". In everything we do, we ask "but why", "what happens in the case where.." and ultimately "what is the end goal we're trying to achieve here?". By consistently challenging the reasons behind a development we ensure that what is being built now is not simply a quick fix to a short term problem, but instead a future-proof element of a long term solution.

Our areas of expertise:


Qualified Specialists in Windows, SQL Server, C# and Java Web Development, Excel Xamarin, Access, Power BI


Android, Windows and iOS development using Xamarin or Flutter.


Consultancy and development of web-based management systems to support or optimise business processes


API development and reliable SFTP communications


Management Information and Business Intelligence reports in Power BI, web reports, SSRS, Excel and Access


SQL Server and Access development