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Problem identity

No two businesses have identical processes, it's what makes our businesses different and allows for a competitive market. Finding a software solution to solve problems or optimise your specific processes may not always be black and white, and in many cases the answer won't be found in a Google search. Software consultancy with BNS can be a helpful and productive way to identify issues from an outsider's point of view, we listen to your story and combine our experiences and expertise to produce an actionable plan to resolve them for the long term.

Solution proposal

After a series of conversations and walk-through demonstrations of your existing workflow, we spend time to design a solution that is entirely tailored to you. The solution may contain elements from our existing BNS technology stack, or where appropriate we will propose custom elements. In either situation we ensure it suits your budget, timeline and existing IT requirements. 

Why BNS?

We have over 20+ years' hands-on experience in the development of enterprise software solutions, so we have seen the evolution of best practices and have a comprehensive understanding of how to build or optimise system processes in varying industries and business sizes.

We follow agile development principles with short iteration phases to ensure you are involved throughout and that the development allows for change, focuses on business value and ensures predictable costs and delivery schedules. 

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