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Our technology stack is a suite of software modules that operate either stand-alone or integrated with legacy software to extend their capabilities to mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Collectively, the entire stack is designed to build enterprise systems such as ERP or CRM software (Enterprise Resource Planning, and Customer Relationship Management).


The BNS technology stack is written entirely using Microsoft and Google technologies including:

  • A native (Xamarin) app for Android, Windows, and iOS devices. (Mobile Scorecard™)

  • A .Net Core based web site to run from IIS and a Windows server. (Scorecard Portal™)

  • A central SQL server (any Microsoft version, upwards from the free “SQL Express” edition).

  • Processing and communications using Windows and Google web services used to integrate with legacy systems.



  • Responsive screen layout adapts to device size and orientation.

  • All app texts displayed in language of user.

  • User interface may be customised for individual clients using a thin “skin” overlay.

  • User access can be native, controlled from the web portal, integrated with your own system, or integrated with Azure Active Directory.

  • Alternative responsive web-user interface in addition to native mobile client.


  • Over 20 different question types including: Text box, voice input, numeric box, push buttons, radio buttons, list boxes, email input, picture input, picture edit, signature boxes, date selector, timestamp, push-button with follow-up actions, HTML viewer, PDF Viewer, video viewer, map-viewer, risk-assessments, multi-choice list box, data grids, location, Google navigate, barcode scan, v-lookup and repeating sections

  • Conditional logic including mandatory questions, IF/THEN blocks, conditional sections, computed values, database lookup, programmable visibility and read-write control.

  • Management dashboards including traffic light alerts, KPIs, lists, and system messages.

  • Support for audits including follow-up questions after a Yes/No/NA response; audit scores; customer signatures; customer inventory (Master Data).

  • Business workflow, e.g. allowing one user to create a document, another user to add details, and yet another to authorise or re-route.


  • Adaptive screen layout, can run from laptops or tablets.

  • Configure users (including passwords, user groups, and access permissions).

  • Manage and edit lists, templates, projects, and documents.

  • Configure and detect “Alerts” when specific conditions have occurred.

  • Run reports and view online, or email to recipients.

  • Manage “Corrective Actions”

  • Integrate with Power BI reports

  • Transaction reports


  • Includes Instant Messaging allowing the office to swap (and retain) messages with field workers

  • Mobile app is able to operate with or without internet connection.

  • User-configurable use of Wi-Fi or mobile data communications.

  • Encrypted communications ensure your data is safe.

  • Reliable communication using checksum and background retries ensure nothing is lost

  • Uses instant “push” technology for documents and messages

  • Tracks the location of workers

  • Tracks which exact tasks they are performing

  • Every completed document can be converted into PDF and emailed to recipient(s).

  • Data is available for import and export in a number of formats, including CSV, XML, Excel, SQL, API, and Power BI Gateway.


  • A Windows service that can be used to download and process data feeds and master databases from legacy systems, or output completed document results.

  • Also performs background processing and periodic report generation such as to email populated Excel workbook.


  • You may purchase a license to operate from a web site hosted on your internal system, or

  • Your dedicated web-site can share space from our servers, or

  • Packages can be deployed on Microsoft Azure, or


  • Ready-made business applications are available for immediate use within the SaaS environment, or to act as example projects for further customisation.

  • We can also design new templates for you, or translate existing templates you may have with another app.

  • We can also create and support complete solutions.

  • Alternatively, you can buy the software for use by your own developers, and we will provide consultancy, support, bug fixes, and enhancements as part of the license fee.


  • All communication, crash, and device diagnostics are available to our support team.

  • Users can raise support requests to our support team.

  • All user documentation available on-line.

  • Bug-fixes and enhancements to the app and back-office web portal are released periodically from Microsoft, Google, or Apple stores.

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