Since our establishment in 2004, we have been developing software solutions in different industries and business verticals to help businesses optimise productivity in the office and field. 

Whether the development is brand new or an extension of existing legacy software, our business applications are built using Microsoft and Google technologies, and typically consist of one or all of the below key components which make up our BNS technology stack.

The Business Net Solutions technology stack:

SQL Database 

At the centre of all our solutions is a secure SQL Server database hosted either in our dedicated Windows UK Fast server, Microsoft Azure cloud or else your own server. If the data is inherited from legacy software it is cleaned, consolidated and prepared for optimum usage.


We produce reports using your business data in way that best suits the user, whether that's an active Excel workbook with live HTTPS links to the database, automated PDF reports or interactive visual reports in Microsoft Power BI.

Mobile Application

Mobile Scorecard is our proprietary mobile data collection platform built entirely in Microsoft Xamarin with Google Web Services for robust and secure communications. It acts as a mobile front-end to the enterprise management system providing users with the exact tools they need to complete their job in the field.


When data sources are dispersed and in particular across different servers (e.g. your client's CRM) we find the most appropriate way to exchange data between sources to minimise manual intervention. This ranges from APIs, or more simply by exchanging XML files via FTP.

Web Application

Using the latest Microsoft .Net Core 3.1 and Blazor technologies, we build web apps that are consistent, modern, cross-browser and responsive. Using agile development process we add features as businesses evolve for purposes ranging from simple CRMs to comprehensive ERP systems.