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How Urban Bundles made deliveries more efficient with digital forms

Urban Bundles provides premium delivery service for luxury brands in London. Their services include a bespoke delivery with branded vehicle(s) or with smart fleet of vans equipped with fashionably dressed and debonair drivers. The focus being the last mile and making sure the customer receives a memorable delivery experience.

To enhance this customer experience, Urban Bundles approached Mobile Scorecard to build a Courier and Logistics solution to match their overall service standards.


Urban Bundles wanted a solution to:

  • Eliminate the traditional way of paper based job forms which are often time-consuming and error-prone.

  • Adopting modern digital forms to match their premium service and enhance the customer delivery experience

  • Providing extra help to delivery drivers like instant alert for new jobs, one-touch navigation, customer feedback and signature capture.


Mobile Scorecard converted Urban Bundles’ traditional paper based delivery job requests into digital forms. Information necessary to complete the job (customer name, address, postcode navigation) is entered into the system.

Admin can assign the job to the appropriate driver depending upon their availability and other job schedules. This allows drivers to take the most efficient route for multiple drop-offs, therefore saving on petrol consumption and time.

Delivery drivers can use the in-built Google Navigation tool. Mobile Scorecard provides the facility to ask for customer’s feedback and capture proof of delivery.

Admin can see all new, on-going and completed jobs and keep track of all the delivery drivers and their last known location.

Once the delivery is completed, the driver can add any additional notes and upload the form to the server. The completed forms are automatically stored into the database for billing purposes, eliminating the necessity to re-enter information.


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