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The evolution Lantec's custom built ERP system


Lantec provide storage, configuration, installation, repair, and removal services of payment-card devices, ATMs, and self-check-out terminals for major organisations and banks across UK, Ireland, and Poland.


Managing Lantec's engineers and their jobs involved the exchange of instructions and data via phone calls, text messages, Whatsapp, faxes, paper job sheets and expense forms. This provided a major workload for their office administrators who interacted with both the engineers, and clients.

Lantec needed a solution that would:

  • Allow engineers to be scheduled

  • Record details of jobs, timesheets, expenses and staff holiday

  • Calculate complex pay and billing

  • Be accessible not only in the office  but also remotely by engineers, their managers and clients.

  • Manage warehouse and logistics

  • Manage inventory


Over the past 14 years we have evolved Lantec's systems and processes to become a fully-featured ERP system.

Operating from a high-reliability server farm at Rackspace, it integrates directly with their equipment and logistics suppliers, client banks, SAP and various other client ERP systems, their onsite configuration and warehouse teams, and their mobile field-service teams.

To ensure Lantec had maximum operational potential we have provided a support-service ensuring continuity of service 24/7. Developments have included:

  • Hundreds of Management Information reports, 

  • Connecting their systems to several major courier and distribution systems,

  • Developing their warehouse and field logistics systems,

  • Performing expenses, pay and holiday calculations,

  • Client billing,

  • Real-time KPI monitoring and

  • Map and capability based FSE scheduling.


In the last few years Lantec started doing site inspections of various payment solutions, plus complex configuration, refurbishment and decomissioning of ATMs and SCOs at their configuration centre.

Their clients required highly detailed evidence of work undertaken, including pictures, signatures, and time events for costing and proof-of-delivery.

Although Lantec had use of another mobile program from a competitor, they chose to implement Mobile Scorecard due to the impressive PDF job reports it can create in real-time; our flexibility in being able to rapidly configure new solutions; and the lack of per-usage pricing that we offer.


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