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We are a UK software and web development company made up of developers in Microsoft C# .NET Core, SQL Server, Telerik Blazor UI, Microsoft Power BI, Xamarin, and Flutter to name a few of our skills.


As a team we have been building enterprise solutions for many years, across varying industries and technologies, and strongly believe in honest, open relationships with our clients to ensure the software we build really does suit their needs and requirements. 

We are proud to say that we have successfully worked remotely long before the global pandemic brought it into fashion, so if we can help you with anything it is how to effectively manage remote teams using the correct technology and processes.

Martin Anderson

Founder and CEO

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Martin Anderson

With many years’ experience designing database and web solutions on Microsoft platforms, Martin is a highly experienced software developer above all else. He is a certified MCSE (Data Management and Analytics on SQL 2016), has an MPhil in Real-Time software specification, and an MA in Physics from Oxford University. He holds a patent in computer algorithms, and has published scholarly journals including topics such as computer music and the “millennium bug”.

His breadth of knowledge and experience in the industry has resulted in guest lectures in software engineering including at Orios University, Buckingham University, British Nuclear Fuels, and he is often found discussing new concepts and technology in our regular team meetings.


In 2004 he founded Business Net Solutions as a way to offer his expertise to medium to large-size businesses that need SQL Server programming or data analysis skills. Over the years Martin's highly engaged involvement in his clients' businesses has resulted in the growth of the team to what it is today. 

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