Scorecard™ is a suite of software modules that operate either stand-alone or integrated via APIs or file exchanges with legacy computer systems to extend their capabilities to mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.


Scorecard™ is written using Microsoft technology including:

  • A native (Xamarin) app for Android, Windows, and iOS devices. (Mobile Scorecard™)

  • A web site to run from IIS and a Windows server. (Scorecard Portal™)

  • A central SQL server (any Microsoft version, upwards from the free “SQL Express” edition).

  • A processing and communications Windows service used to integrate with legacy systems.



  • Responsive screen layout adapts to device size and orientation.

  • All app texts displayed in language of user.

  • User interface may be customised for individual clients using a thin “skin” overlay.

  • User access can be native, controlled from the web portal, integrated with your own system, or integrated with Azure Active Directory.

  • Alternative responsive web-user interface in addition to native mobile client.


  • Over 20 different question types including: Text box, voice input, numeric box, push buttons, radio buttons, list boxes, email input, picture input, picture edit, signature boxes, date selector, timestamp, push-button with follow-up actions, HTML viewer, PDF Viewer, video viewer, map-viewer, risk-assessments, multi-choice list box, data grids, location, Google navigate, barcode scan, v-lookup and repeating sections

  • Conditional logic including mandatory questions, IF/THEN blocks, conditional sections, computed values, database lookup, programmable visibility and read-write control.

  • Management dashboards including traffic light alerts, KPIs, lists, and system messages.

  • Support for audits including follow-up questions after a Yes/No/NA response; audit scores; customer signatures; customer inventory (Master Data).

  • Business workflow, e.g. allowing one user to create a document, another user to add details, and yet another to authorise or re-route.


  • Adaptive screen layout, can run from laptops or tablets.

  • Configure users (including passwords, user groups, and access permissions).

  • Manage and edit lists, templates, projects, and documents.

  • Configure and detect “Alerts” when specific conditions have occurred.

  • Run reports and view online, or email to recipients.

  • Manage “Corrective Actions”

  • Integrate with Power BI reports

  • Transaction reports


  • Includes Instant Messaging allowing the office to swap (and retain) messages with field workers

  • Mobile app is able to operate with or without internet connection.

  • User-configurable use of Wi-Fi or mobile data communications.

  • Encrypted communications ensure your data is safe.

  • Reliable communication using checksum and background retries ensure nothing is lost

  • Uses instant “push” technology for documents and messages

  • Tracks the location of workers

  • Tracks which exact tasks they are performing

  • Every completed document can be converted into PDF and emailed to recipient(s).

  • Data is available for import and export in a number of formats, including CSV, XML, Excel, SQL, API, and Power BI Gateway.


  • A Windows service that can be used to download and process data feeds and master databases from legacy systems, or output completed document results.

  • Also performs background processing and periodic report generation such as to email populated Excel workbook.


  • You may purchase a license to operate from a web site hosted on your internal system, or

  • Your dedicated web-site can share space from our servers, or

  • Packages can be deployed on Microsoft Azure, or


  • Ready-made business applications are available for immediate use within the SaaS environment, or to act as example projects for further customisation.

  • We can also design new templates for you, or translate existing templates you may have with another app.

  • We can also create and support complete solutions.

  • Alternatively, you can buy the software for use by your own developers, and we will provide consultancy, support, bug fixes, and enhancements as part of the license fee.


  • All communication, crash, and device diagnostics are available to our support team.

  • Users can raise support requests to our support team.

  • All user documentation available on-line.

  • Bug-fixes and enhancements to the app and back-office web portal are released periodically from Microsoft, Google, or Apple stores.

  • Ticket-based support service for the adjustment of any of the above configurable items, simply by emailing