What is Mobile Scorecard as a Service? (MSAAS)

If you can answer yes to any of the below, then a MSAAS solution could be worth considering. Would your company benefit from:

· Adding a mobile interface to your existing system?

· Enabling field staff to perform jobs, audits, inspections, orders, and sign contracts from their mobiles?

· Viewing and managing results in Excel, Web, Power BI, emailed PDF, or data files?

· Integrating data directly with your systems, your suppliers, and customers via files, emails, or web services?

· Without the expensive, difficult to manage architecture?

· Buy or Rent. Plug-in and ready to go within days?

· “Do-it-for-you”. We design, operate, and deliver your results? No learning. No fuss.

Business Net Solutions have now launched the third generation of Mobile Scorecard. Once again optimised using the latest, highest performance and secure technology from Microsoft: Azure; Windows NET Core; SQL Server; Xamarin; and Excel.

How does it work?

First of all, there is a Mobile app, that runs on Android, Windows, and iOS devices. You can download the app from Google, sign-in, and start using it immediately. Your login gives you access to any number of intelligent forms, designed specifically for you, which can then be filled-in and uploaded to the Portal. Alternatively, you can send job/documents from your existing system to specific mobile users. The mobile users go to customer sites, follow instructions and complete checklists, gather data, pictures and signatures. This is all securely and reliably sent to the Portal for storage and further processing.

The Portal is a Windows web site, that is either shared with other Mobile Scorecard users, or else dedicated to your company, running either on Microsoft Azure, or your own Windows infrastructure. It includes a SQL server database, and a Windows service that orchestrates the reliable flow of documents between your system, your clients and suppliers, and the other components. Everything is data-driven. This means we can configure and deploy a minimal viable solution within days – but later-on we can also customise the solution for your exact business needs.

All information in your database can be downloaded to Excel; Configured, edited and approved; and uploaded once again to the server. This is ideal for Management Information reports where you need to prepare data and detailed reports for your billing and customer needs. Communication is fast, reliable, secure, and unimpeded by corporate firewall issues. We can also automate production of reports and PDF documents.

Once gathered, your data is a valuable resource, which you will want to analyse and create Key-Performance-Indicators in a Scorecard. Microsoft Power BI is an ideal solution for this. We can either upload your Business Intelligence reports to a PBI Dashboard or Reports that we manage – or to your PBI account where you can create your own reports and dashboards. In addition, we can create (XML and CSV) files to upload to your FTP server, or use our simple web API to transfer results back to your system.

What’s in it for me?

· The mobile app works on standard commercial smart devices.

· There is no need for long-term investment in infrastructure, license fees, or staff training.

· Our solution is “Agile”: Try it out, see how it goes, add improvements, rinse and repeat.

· Includes remote-user location tracking and instant communications.

· We provide a comprehensive design and support service for the whole project lifespan.

· The system is “loosely coupled” into your existing system, making it a simple non-invasive bolt-on.

How do I get it?

First of all, decide what your basic document looks like. It probably already exists as a paper form. We will convert that into an electronic template. When you download the app from Google store, and sign-on using an agreed name and password, you will see that form and you can now complete the details and upload it to the server. We then convert that into a PDF document and email it to you. This is your initial “Prototype”.

The next phase is to define your business process. For example: perform an inspection; complete an estimate; gain customer approval; create a job; send details to worker; do the job; upload the completion details; send an invoice. We will configure the workflow service running in the Portal to manage this.

We must also discuss any management reports you want to download into Excel, or any periodic reports that need sending to people. We also need to agree what to do with the data longer term? Analyse using the Power BI service, or send via data file to your systems.

And finally, what levels of automation and data transfer do you need? We have many options available, depending on the sophistication and age of your existing systems.

Step one however, is to contact Vanessa on 07506 046971, or Vanessa@BusinessNetSolutions.co.uk to get the conversation started.