For workforces who are split between centralised offices and field operations, BNS can help improve business workflow and data exchange ensuring the right information is in the right hands at the right time. 


A software solution by BNS can help service-based companies improve efficiency, gain better control over operations, and make better use of data collected in the field.

Our mobile data collection app, Mobile Scorecard can be integrated with your existing management systems (such as an ERP or CRM) allowing jobs from your central database to appear seamlessly on the devices of your field staff. Couple this with a task scheduler, bespoke reports and a central management portal will ensure that your service to your clients is fully comprehensive and cost-effective.



Client sends work instruction, received by the system via API, XML, Excel workbooks or even email

Jobs are allocated appropriately to field workers using the scheduler

Engineer receives and completes their job on Mobile Scorecard

Completed jobs are uploaded to the server and PDF job reports emailed

Generate reports & issue corrective actions if applicable 


Mobile Scorecard allows you to distribute jobs and tasks to workers in the field from a centralised management system on a routine basis. Since the jobs appear automatically on a workers' device, they only need to focus on the task at hand, press upload and the rest is dealt with by the system.

Schedule jobs & track staff productivity

Multilingual user interface, reports, emails & exports

Custom reports & branding

App calculations & scores

Web Management Portal


Enhance your services to your clients with corrective actions, recommendations or return visits, powered by Mobile Scorecard's business workflow technology.

Assign corrective or follow-up actions to other engineers from within the app or after the document has been uploaded in the management portal

Approve or edit documents, and resend back to the original or new user for completion

Send to external stakeholders via email or XML

View previous actions and know who did what, when and how on the return visit