Racelogic design and manufacture cutting edge electronic systems for the automotive industry. Their product range includes GPS devices, CAN data logging, traction control and CAN interfaces for customers worldwide.

Business Objectives

smallRaceLogicInitially with their wide range of products being sold, Racelogic needed a finance system to manage multi-currency sales and purchase invoices. In particular product kits need to be priced and picked from compound bill of materials from multiple sources. Later a support database was needed to help provide help-desk and warranty services to clients. An online (www.Blitz-uk.co.uk) database-driven catalogue of car components was created to allow clients to find suitable parts for their vehicles. This catalogue was integrated with the finance system so that prices and stock availability could be published to the website, and new orders downloaded. Most recently with the introduction of the Driftbox performance meter, an eCommerce product ordering, payment, and user registration site was needed (www.Driftbox.com).


The solutions developed for this client are an example of new technologies being integrated with legacy solutions, and yet continuing to evolve together. The finance system was for historical reasons developed using a FoxPro database. However using Microsoft ADO this links to the local SQL database used to run the support system, and via a remote connection to the SQL database on the web server. Secure on-line payments are provided by linking the C#.NET web site to the Protx payment service allowing payments to be received in many foreign currencies. Details of new orders are downloaded to the finance system, and emails generated automatically to alert admin and fulfilment staff of new orders requiring processing.


Being able to sell products online 24x7 has enabled Racelogics client base to expand and cover all corners of the globe. In addition with a dynamic searchable on-line product catalogue clients can rapidly find the right products for their needs allowing Racelogics sales to grow rapidly. To stimulate interest further users can register the results achieved with their performance meters, in friendly competition with one-another.


Racelogic continue to innovate and grow their business. Having a reliable sales and support information system has allowed them to concentrate on their business rather than worry about delivery mechanisms.

"We are very pleased with the functionality and ease of use of the software developed for us by Business Net Solutions."

-Harry Thuillier, Finance Director, Racelogic Ltd.