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Our Training and testing solution helps to leverage the business knowledge of companies and individuals.  We help business to maximise their employees potential and know the process, terms and cases of any company's operation.

We help employers to gauge the knowledge skill of an employee, and to give the proper training and testing materials.

Our platform Enterprise Scorecard makes it all possible to achieve the full potential of an employee and to know what to do in a company's critical issues.

Enterprise Scorecard has the ability to allow quizzes to be rapidly created and distributed to a large number of users – either via a unique invitation per email, or else via a login to a user portal.

From the user portal, users are also able to view instructional videos, read instruction guides, and view graphic presentations (based from Microsoft PowerPoint files).

Featurestraining and testings

  • On-line quiz with optional random selection from a question pool.
  • Student records
  • View videos
  • Upload your Microsoft PowerPoint documents for on-line training (MS Office not needed)

Success Story: Lantec

Lantec UK (Ltd) perform installations, repairs, and removals of chip-and-pin terminals for several major banks in UK, Ireland and Poland. To ensure that all engineers are fully conversant with the necessary skills and company policies they are periodically tested, and any shortcomings notified to local managers who are able to instigate the necessary training (or disciplinary action).

These features are usually provided as part of a larger enterprise solutions, and are configured according to the customer’s needs. No custom programming is required, and hence if this would be useful to your business and you already use one of our other solutions, then we provide this functionality at no extra cost.

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