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Safeguarding every employee with the DSE Act of 1992

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Any employee who uses a computer workstation for more than 2 hours per day must be assessed to comply with the Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) regulations, 1992. Not only does it make sense to look after your employees and prevent absences due to injury, but also it is an offence not to do so. Having records to show that you have conducted checks and taken the appropriate actions protects their health, but also helps protect you from prosecution and liability claims.

Trainingdisplay screen equipment

In this action pack we have included training presentations that allow your staff to learn about good posture and the importance of correctly functioning equipment. We have also included a quiz to give you a level of assurance that they have viewed the training and understand the principles.


Rather than pay the cost of a specialised assessor going around your office visiting staff one-by-one, your staff are able to carry out their own assessment online. The system will send them an email, followed if necessary by a series of reminders to make sure the assessment is completed.

Automatic Management

Once you have entered the details of your staff, the system will send them emails telling them about the training and quiz, and inviting them to conduct the DSE self-assessment. In turn you will get periodic reports telling you who has and has not done the assessment, and what corrective actions are outstanding.

Corrective Actions

Every assessment has a designated corrective action, such as to replace a faulty monitor, or to adjust an office chair. You can filter and delegate the corrective actions to an appropriate department as necessary.

Record Keeping

The system records all details of findings and actions taken – as required by the regulations. These can be stored online whilst your contract is in place, or else you can download the details for local storage. Note that since personal information is recorded during the assessment, you will be required to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act to ensure the information is not used inappropriately.


For up to 250 users, please use the following link to start using the system. For larger companies, please contact us for discounts customisation options. Call: 01908 900196.