Mobile Scorecard

If your business includes visiting several client sites and making deliveries, Mobile Scorecard can help you maintain the flow of data within your business. Mobile Scorecard is a powerful and simple mobile application which runs on tablet and mobile devices to help you collect data on the move. We offer Standard Edition of Mobile Scorecard completely FREE.

mobile scorecard workflow

Typical applications of Mobile Scorecard include:

Taking Audits and Survey (Using smart mobile forms with multiple choice)

Road Inspections and repairs (using on-board camera to photograph any damage)

Vehicle inspections and repair estimates (using signature capture to confirm estimate acceptance)

Delivery and Collection instructions (using Google maps to navigate to locate the job site)

We have developed Mobile Scorecard to help you collect information from remote sites simply via mobile devices. The aim is to eliminate the traditional way of filling paper job sheets and then entering all the information manually into the computer system, saving your precious time and money. Using Mobile Scorecard, businesses can send and collect all the information needed to operate the daily tasks efficiently with speed. Managers can send task related information from central database to operators and engineers using Mobile Scorecard on their devices. Information can include:

Work instructions

Delivery addresses


Google Maps/ Navigate instructions

Quick-dial phone links

Tasks can be completed by mobile users using this information and data can be uploaded to the central database directly from mobile (approval facility, if needed so). Mobile Scorecard has the ability to collect information like: customer signature, Barcode, images, audio video, apart from text, date and time of the tasks.

To download the Free Edition or choose more advanced editions like Standard and Custom, please visit our Mobile Scorecard product site.