Enterprise Scorecard

Enterprise Scorecard BNSApart from bespoke software development for clients, Business Net Solutions has developed a business portal system called ‘Enterprise Scorecard’, a universal information management system.

Enterprise Scorecard facilitates the gathering of data from various people and computer systems across your business and allows you to keep detailed records of their activities and route that data to managers and administrators who make decisions and take action.

With Enterprise Scorecard, you can get your own personal business portal with dashboard having different menus for navigating easily and it provides a systematic way of storing and accessing data within the business. For securing sensitive business data, employees can be granted user-level access to the information. Enterprise Scorecard is called universal information management system because it also provides templates and reports to help you comply with various compliances and regulations like Health & Safety, Enterprise Risk Management, Balanced Scorecard, etc.

We can help your Business, if you are:

- Spending lots of time with paper and Excel spreadsheets

- Using many disparate complicated systems to perform various regulatory compliances

- Still paying hefty amount to expensive (traditional) management consultants

- Do not want to spend on tough to implement and complex to use systems?

- Looking for your data arranged and in a sorted manner with all the information you may need about client/supplier

Enterprise Scorecard provides you with:

- A paper-less web-based information management system with a graphical dashboard for monitoring.

- Allows you to take control of information flowing in and around the business

- Ensures all records/invoices are properly recorded, approved and saved

- Safe and reliable to use with user-level access control system

- 24/7 access to your data/records

- A management system with templates to help you comply with regulations like Balanced Scorecard, Health and Safety Management, Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Human Resource Management, Integrated Management system.

- Seamlessly integrates with legacy system ensuring you do not lose your important business information.

- Remote data collection using Enterprise Scorecard’s Android mobile app.

- Training provided by our dedicated staff

- A wiki with complete step-by-step procedures to do major tasks is available for user’s reference.