Benefits and Features

Our Business Management Software will supply you with an Information Management System that captures data from multiple sources such as: Mobile phones and tablets, Supplier data feeds, Courier track-and-trace, Customer order entry, and web data forms. This information can then be analysed and reported, with exception lists for workflow management and graphic dashboard displays for management monitoring.


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Mobile Phones & Tablet Access

Get instant access on your Tablets and Android Phone even working offline. The faster and easier way saving fuel and energy costs.

Instant Supplier Data Feeds

Have an instant request and information from suppliers. Managing feed requests and tasks can never been easy.

Courier Track & System

Tracking and managing your couriers location, work and reports real-time and online.

Customer Order Entry

Manage and have customers requests on your Management Business and Database Solutions in an instant.

Web Data Forms

Have a list of your data forms on the web. Collate, process and analyze all data that can improve your management and see what can help you to improve your business.

Workflow Management Lists

Have the full control of your management business systems and workflow online. Send and Receive reports from your employees in an instant, no repeating of paperworks and data entry from your employees. Have a full control of what's going on in your business.

Graphic Dashboard Display

Have your reports and forms in a dashing graphics that are easy to understand. This feature helps you more to understand your business.

Instant Management Monitoring

We help your business to maximize and increase your profit by making sure that your operations can be managed on our Enterprise and Business management solutions.