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UserDiscussionWhen creating an information management system we start by creating a model of the business and its processes. These are transformed into a database which holds information about the various entities and their relationships with one another, and stored procedures which define the logic of business transactions. We then use code creation tools to generate user interfaces that allow users to access this information, and report generators that summarise and interpret the underlying data into useful business information.

Data can originate from various sources such as automatic data-feeds from web-sites and other computer systems run by suppliers, couriers and customers. In addition we can create user interfaces for web browsers, PDA computers and mobile phones. This information is entered directly into the transactional database, or processed in over-night batch processes.

Similarly data needs to be extracted in various ways for reporting purposes via web browsers and Excel spreadsheets, exporting into accounting software, emails, PDF files, or even more esoteric exports such as CSV data file exchange and XML web services.

Our chosen development environment is C# code created using Microsoft Visual Studio, running on the .Net framework on a Windows 2003 web server, and supported by Microsoft SQL Server database engine for data storage and business logic. This is the most powerful combination of software development tools produced by Microsoft for enterprise software development. A system that we develop on our web servers, can be deployed for use solely within your local area network, or taken out to the Internet for remote access by your business partners. You can be certain that our solution will, with the appropriate hardware, scale from one user to one million users.

Our Development Process

The first stage in any project is to define a clear set of requirements and a proposed solution. This can take between a few hours and a few months to establish. We will conduct this as a project in its own right, producing a data model, a set of screen designs, and a description of the required processing. At the end of the process you will have a clear set of plans, a development contract, and an agreed price and timescale for the project.

We will then create the application and if necessary procure and deploy the necessary hardware. You will be encouraged to monitor progress with periodic reviews to ensure we are heading in the right direction.

At the end of development a formal testing and approval process is conducted before the system is deployed and put into use. Note we will ask for stage payments throughout the development process. However your satisfaction in our work is guaranteed.

Our credentials

We are a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, with our Operational Business Management Software verified by Microsoft for use on Windows 2003. In addition we have satisfied their requirements as competent in the following areas: Custom Development Solutions, Data Management Solutions, Networking Infrastructure

All our staff are Microsoft Certified Professionals, with some also holding MCSD, MCSE, and MCDBA qualifications in addition to University degrees in Computer Science.

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